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Mission der CDA

The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) is the national voice of dentistry dedicated to promoting optimal oral health, an essential component of overall health, and promoting and leading a unified profession.

Mission statement of JCDA.ca

JCDA.ca (Journal of the Canadian Dental Association) is CDA's premier scientific, peer-reviewed publication and provides a dialogue between the national association and the dental community. It is dedicated to publishing valuable scientific and clinical articles and informing dentists about issues relevant to the profession.

CDA has focused its recent efforts on knowledge, advocacy and practice support initiatives and JCDA.ca is an important part of CDA's knowledge strategy.


JCDA.ca is Canada's only peer-reviewed dental magazine. It is an online open access publication that publishes original research articles that contribute to the literature. These articles are indexed in Medline, Journal Citation Reports, and Science Citation Index.

JCDA.ca uses a continuous publication model, which means that original clinical articles only appear online.

JCDA.ca has a scientific focus with clinical research articles and clinically-oriented literature reviews, as well as professional issues and other epidemiological reports influencing oral health policy in Canada. All material published on JCDA.ca has been reviewed by at least two external reviewers and is considered a "supplement to the dental literature".

Beginning in 2016, JCDA.ca will focus exclusively on publishing original research, comprehensive literature reviews, and reports of scholarly meetings. JCDA.ca places a special emphasis on collaborating with authors and researchers from Canada's Dental Schools to advance and expand knowledge of the profession. We would like to encourage Canadian oral health researchers (inside and outside of Canada) and those collaborating with them to submit manuscripts for review and possible publication.

CDA ended the print version of JCDA in 2014 when the new CDA Essentials / L'essentiel de l'ADC magazines came out. The printed version of JCDA was previously published in both English and French, however the new online publication JCDA.ca is an English language publication. All archived JCDA content is now searchable and retrievable.

JCDA.ca aims to keep dentists informed of clinical and scientific developments relevant to the dental practice in Canada by providing easily searchable information useful in patient care.

Impact factor and citation data

JCDA.ca is indexed in Medline, Journal Citation Reports and Science Citation Index. Journal Citation Reports published JCDA's 2020 Impact Factor (1.693), which is an increase from JCDA's 2019 Impact Factor (0.917). This is evidence that the publication continues to be recognized as an important and credible dental journal whose clinical articles are valuable for research.

All materials published on JCDA.ca contain an elocator for identification, retrieval and citation. The citation method is year, volume, elocator (no page number). This quote (ex.J Can Dent Assoc.2015;81:f10) appears in Medline, PubMed and other bibliographic directories.

frequently asked Questions

Q: How can I reprint or republish articles from JCDA.ca?

A:JCDA.ca is generally happy to grant permission to reprint, but a written request must be made in all cases. We also ask that the full attribution of the original article be published.

Email requests for reprint permission to:rgalipeau@cda-adc.ca. Inquiries may also be sent by mail to Rachel Galipeau, CDA Publications Coordinator, 1815 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa, ON, K1G 3Y6

Include the reference information of the requested material, the intended use of the material, and the name of the publication in which the reprinted material will appear.

NOTE: All accepted manuscripts and accompanying illustrations become the permanent property of the Canadian Dental Association, owner and publisher of JCDA, and may not be published elsewhere, in whole or in part, in print or electronic form, without the written permission of the Canadian Dental Association.

Q: How do I submit a manuscript to JCDA.ca?

A:Please contact the 'For writersSection for full instructions. Submitted manuscripts can be emailed to the following address:JCDA@cda-adc.ca.

Q: How do I reply to an article or send a letter to JCDA.ca?

A:We welcome reader feedback on articles or materials appearing on JCDA.ca. You can submit your feedback directly to jcda.ca using the online comments section at the end of each article.

You can also submit a formal letter, which should be no more than 250 words.

Readers can email letters to:JCDA@cda-adc.ca. Letters may also be sent to the following address: Canadian Dental Association, 1815 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa, ON, K1G 3Y6

NOTE: All opinions and alleged facts are published with the authority of the author submitting them and do not necessarily represent the views of JCDA or the Canadian Dental Association. Reactions to articles may also be published in CDA Essentials Magazine.

Editorial and production staff of JCDA.ca

Head of Communications

Zelda Burt


Sean McNamara



Gabriel Fulcher

Pauline Merindo

Employee publications and electronic media

Rachel Galipeau

Communication assistant

Jessica Daoud

User Interface Developer

JP Nuyens

graphic designer

Carlos Castro

JCDA.cacontact details

Rachel Galipeau

For information and assistance, call CDA toll-free (Canada) at 1-800-267-6354

Outside Canada: 613-523-1770

CDA-Fax: 613-523-7736


Editorial consultants

Editorial Advisory Group

Dr. Amir Azarpazhooh
DR. Elham Emami
dr Jocelyne Feine
Dr. Hugh Kim

Dr Michael Glogauer
Dr. Debora Matthews
dr Robert Schroth

Associated Editors

Dr. Michael J. Casas
Dr. Anne Charbonneau
Dr. Ian R. Matthew
Dr. Mary E. McNally

Editorial consultants

Dr. James L. Armstrong
Dr. Manal Awad
Dr. Catalena Birek
Dr. Kevin Butterfield
Dr. Gary A. Clark
Dr. Jeff Coil
Dr. Pierre C. Desautels
Doctor Terry Donovan
Dr. Robert V. Elia
Dr. Joel B. Epstein
Dr. Ian M. Furst
DR. Daniel Haas
Doktor Felicity Hardwick
Dr. Robert J. Hawkins
Dr. Asbjørn Jokstad
Dr. Ernest W. Lam

Gilles Lavigne
Dr. James L. Leake
Dr. Kevin E. Lung
DR. Richard B. Price
Dr. N. Dorin Ruse
Dr. Kathy Russell
Benoit Soucy
Dr. Susan Sutherland
DR. David J. Sweet
Dr. Gordon W. Thompson
Dr. A.S. HERE. ALS. Margaret Webb
Dr. James R. Yacyshyn

Clinical Practice Advisor

Dr. Jonathan Adams
dr Suham Alexander
Doktor Donball
Dr. A.S. HERE. YESTERDAY. Mintoo Basahti
Doctor Paul Cameron
Dr. Rob Cochran
Dr. Claudia Courchesne
DR. Helen DeMan
Gillian Delaney
Dr. Mehrnoosh Ebtedaee
Dr. Don Friedlander
Dr. Jeff Glaizel
Dr. Margot Hiltz
Dr. Pauline Huff
DR. A Hwang
Doktor Elizabeth Jackson
Dr. Atul Joshi
DR. Kiyanoosh Kazemi
DR. Waji Khan
Dr. Natalie Kos
Dr. Grace Lee
Dr. Janet Leith
Dr. Peter Locke
Dr. Wendy Low
Dr. Mark McCullough

Dr. Paul McNab
Dr. Jim Miles
DR. Amir Mirzaei
Dr. Christine Ng
DR. Hai Nguyen
Dr. Raymond Oneson
Dr. Marielle Pariseau
DR. Urjit Patel
Landon Pincombe
Greg Power
Dr. Robyn Ramsay
Dr. Aryn Schmidt
Dr. Hilary Stevens
Dr. Scott Stewart
Cory Sul
DR. Mona Taha
Dr. Alicia Taylor
Dr. Michelle Thorsteinson
Doctor Stan Tuck
DR. Nooshin Valadi
Dr Mark Venditti
Dr. Brian Yim
Dr. Kristin Yont
dr Alan Zucker

JCDA Reviewers

Dr. Steven I. Ahing
Dr. Rubens F. Albuquerque Jr.
Dr. Paul J. Allison
Dr. Aurelio A. Alonso
DR. Maryam S.Amin
Dr. Jim Anderson
Dr. Ross D. Anderson
Dr. Ajit Auluck
Dr. Sylvie-Louise Avon
Dr. Amir Azarpazhooh
Dr. Jean Barbeau
Dr. Henry Barry
Dr. David Bartlett
Dr. Izchak Barzilay
Dr. Bettina Basrani
Doctor Dennis Bedard
Dr. Christophe Bedos
Dr. Véronique Benhamou
Dr. Sandy Bennett
Doctor Nick Blanas
DR. Richard Bohay
Dr. Tammy Bonstein
Dr. A.S. HERE. ALS. Noriko Boorberg
Dr. Grace Bradley
Dr. A.S. A.S. ALS. Mario A. Brondani
Dr. Ralph Brooke
Doctor Douglas Brothwell
Dr. James W. Brown
Dr. Ross Bryant
Dr. Veronica Bucur
Dr. Yvonne Buischi
Dr. Francis Burke
Dr. Aaron Burry
DR. Cheryl Cable
Aldo-Joseph Camarda
Dr. Marco F. Caminiti
Dr. Robert P. Carmichael
Dr. Suzanne Caudry
Dr. Peter J. Chauvin
Dr. William H. Christie
Dr. David Chvartszaid
Doctor Noel Claffey
Dr. David B. Clark
Dr. John Clarkson
Dr. Blaine Cleghorn
Dr. Cameron ML Clokie
Dr. Susan Conrod
Dr. John Conry
Dr. Peter V. Cooney
Dr. Maria A. Copete
Dr. Darren Cox
Dr. Donald P. Cunningham
Dr. John B. Curran
Dr. Maria Dabuleanu
Dr. Thomas D. Daley
DR. Thuan Dao
Dr. Mark R. Darling
Dr. Jed Davies
DR. Benjamin R. Davis
Doktor Colin Dawes
Dr. Hugh Devlin
DR. Mai Diab
Dr. David Donaldson
Cecilia Dong
Dr. Robert B. Dorion
Doctor Paul Dowling
Gorman Doyle
Doctor Louis Drouin
DR. Cyndie Dubé-Baril
Dr. Jacques Durocher
Dr. Paul C. Edwards
DR. Wafa El-Badrawi
Dr. A.S. Richard P. Ellen
DR. Omar El Mowafy
Dr. Ronald L. Ettinger
Dr. David Farkouh
Herr Irwin Fefergrad
dr Jocelyne Feine
Dr. Michael Fenlon
Dr. Aaron Fenton
Dr. Stephen Ferrier
Dr. Carlos Flores-Mir
Dr. Timothy F. Foley
Dr. Wai Choong-foong
DR. Helena Forss
dr Marshall M. Sure
Dr. Clive S. Friedman
Dr. Shimon Friedman
Dr. Peter C. Fritz
Dr. Andrew Gaffen
DR. Ziema Ganatra
Dr. Jack Gerrow
Frau Jasmine Mary Ghosn
Dr. Gino Gizzarelli
Dr Michael Glogauer
Dr. Michael Goldberg
DR. Valeria V. Gordan
Dr. Jean-Paul Goulet
Frau Helen Grad
Dr. A.S. Miriam Gruschka
Dr. Markus Haapasalo
DR. ASH. Haas' villa
Dr. Effrat Habsha
dr Wayne Halstrom
Dr. Amer Abu Hanna
DR. Alan G Hannam
Rosamund Harrison
Dr. Robert Hatheway
Dr. A.S. HERE. ALS. Sahza Hatibovic-Kofman
DR. Timothy Head
Frau Donna Hennyey
Dr. Ivonne Hernandez
DR. Allan J. Hovan
Dr. Philippe Hujoel
Dr. Sarah A. Hulland
Dr. Anthony Iacopino
Dr. Marcela Ibarra
Dr. Anastasios Irinakis
DR. David Isen
Dr. Brian Jafine
Dr. Ian Johnson
DR. Aleksandra Jokovic
Dr. Derek W. Jones
Dr. Richard Jordan
DR. Adel Kauzman
Dr. David B. Kennedy
Dr. David J. Kenny
DR. Alan Kilistoff
Dr. Catherine M. Kilmartin
Dr. A.S. A.S. ALS. Denis F. Kinane
Prof. Martin Kinirons
DR. Gary D. Klassen
Dr. Israel Kleinberg
Dr. Brian K. Kucey
DR. Gajanan Kulkarni
Dr. Nadia Ben Lagna
DR. Jim Yuan Lai
Dr. Evie Lalla
Benoit Lalonde
Dr. Dennis Lanigan
Dr. Gary S. Leff
Dr. A.S. A.S. ALS. P. Charles Lekic
DR. Eric Lessard
Dr. Steven M. Levy
Dr. Terry J. Lim
Dr. Hardy Limeback
Dr. Rochelle G. Lindemeyer
Dr. Paul Ling
Dr. Warren P. Loeppky
Dr. A.S. Terri Logue
Dr. Robert W. Loney
Dr. Pia López Jornet
Dr. Alan Lowe
Dr. Christopher D. Lynch
dr David S. MacDonald-Jankowski
Dr. Michael MacEntee
DR. Bill McInnis

Dr. Scott M. MacLean
Dr. Lex MacNeil
Dr. Wayne A. Maillet
Dr. Paul W. Major
Doctor Don Marianos
Dr. Christian Marquez
Frau Susan Matheson
Dr. Debora C. Matthews
Dr. D. Barry Maze
DR. Randall D. Mazurat
Dr. Dorothy McComb
Dr. Robert McConnell
Dr. Christopher McCulloch
DR. Donal Mc Donnel
Dr. Leland R. McFadden
Dr. W. Tim McGaw
Colman McGrath
Doktor Taylor McGuire
Dr. A.S. A.S. ALS. Jacintha McLoughlin
Dr. A.S. HERE. ALS. Triona Mc Namara
Dr. Archie McNicol
Dr. Maico Melo
Dr. Rui Amaral Mendes
Dr. Alan R. Milnes
Dr. Sayed M. Mirbod
Prof. Ivar Mjör
Dr. David Mock
DR. Hassan Moghadam
Dr A.S. ALS. John A Molinari
Dr. Jorge E. Moreno
Dr. Archibald D. Morrison
DR. Mel Mupparapu
DR. Sudeshni Naidoo
DR. Hashim Nainar
Dr. A.S. HERE. ALS. Charlotte Ndiaye
dr Ann Marie Neme
DR. Mandana Nikoui
dr Donald R Nixdorf
DR. Peter Nkansah
Dr. James Noble
Kunst Getulio Nogueira-Filho
Dr. Reza Nouri
Dr. Anne O'Connell
DR. Nick Opdam
Dr. Elaine Orpe
Dr. Francisco J. Otero
DR. Granaat V. Packota
Dr. Athena Papadakis
Meneer Costa Papadopoulos
Dr. Steven K. Patterson
Dr. Benny Peretz
DR. Hiran Perinpanayagam
Dr. John B. Perry
Dr. Rénald Pérusse
Dr. Igor J. Pesun
Dr. Edmund Peters
Dr. Grace Petrikowski
Dr. Vicki C. Petropoulos
Dr. Trey L. Petty
Dr. Suzanne Philip
Dr. Catherine Poh
Dr. James L. Posluns
Dr. John M. Powers
Dr. Robert W. Priddy
Dr. Bruce R. Pynn
Dr. Alison Qualtrough
Dr Carlos Quinonez
Dr. Wayne Raborn
Dr. Michael J. Racich
Doctor Noel Ray
Dr. John D. Regan
Dr. Jean-Marc Retrouvey
DR. Amin S. Rizkalla
dr Robert S Roda
Kunst Georgios E. Romanos
Dr. Mel Rosenberg
DR. Emile Rossouw
Dr. Morley Rubinoff
Dr. Lance Rucker
Dr. Frederick A. Rüggeberg
Dr. Axel Rupert
Dr Sebastian Saba
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DR. Harinder Sandhu
Kunst Jacinta Coelho Santos
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Dr. William Scarfe
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dr Robert J Schroth
Dr. Barry Schwartz
Gordon Schwartz
Stéphane R. Schwartz
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Dr. Michael J. Sigal
Dr. Liv Skartveit
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Kunst Ana Cristina de Oliveira Solis
Dr. Adrian Kortall
Dr. Richard Speers
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dr AS AS. And Sutherland
Dr. Riitta Suuronen
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Dr. Hank Tan
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Dr. Howard C. Tenenbaum
Dr. Andy Teng
Dr. Paul E. Teplitsky
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Dr. J. Mark Thomason
dr. Thank you Thyvalikath
Dr. Keith Titley
Dr. Bryan D. Tompson
Dr. Simon D. Tran
Dr. Glenn A. Van As
DR. Marcel Van Woensel
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Dr. René Voyer
Prof. Laurence J. Walsh
Dr. Joanne N. Walton
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Dr. Jeff Williams
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